Embrace the powerful features of our technology offering.


Allow your clients to book appointments online and avoid long phone calls! Give a great lasting impression on your clients by constantly improving your cooking or cleaning techniques by using this platform.

  • Instant ratings tell you if your client loved your food or is satisfied with your cleaning services. Let your customers know if you raised your prices or found a delicious recipe and get their feedback!
  • View revenue and trends in real time to plan your schedule better. You'll be ready with this real-time management feature when it's holiday season or grad party month!
  • Automatic reminders notify your clients so they don't forget about appointments.
  • Manage and cancel appointments so you don't overbook in one day!
  • Handle payments simply and efficiently!
Application access for 1 user(s)
One Time Setup Fee $4.95
Application access for 5 user(s)
One Time Setup Fee $15.00
Professional Plus
Application access for 15 user(s)
One Time Setup Fee $29.00
Application access for 50 user(s)
One Time Setup Fee $45.00
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